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4th Green School Flag
Our school has been awarded its 4th Green School Flag. This is a fantastic achievement and congratulations to everybody involved particularly Ms McMahon, Ms Dolan, Mr Foran and their committee of pupils who co-ordinated this venture.

Launch of COW
As part  of our Green School campaign to achieve our 4th Green School flag we launched another initiative today Wed 3rd Nov to encourage our children to travel to school by bicycle. Every Wednesday will now be a COW or WOW day ; Cycle on Wednesday or Walk on Wednesday.


Opening of our New Sports Facility
The school’s new sports facilty was officially opened on Wed 20th Oct by Aidan Kelly, a former pupil of the school. Aidan is currently to be seen on RTE 2 at 4.50 pm each evening.


Football Marathon
A five hour football marathon took place on Thurs 21st Oct to raise funds for school sports equipment and for Edenderry Playground. Our sincerest thanks to those who supported us in this venture.

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  1. niall jordan says:

    welcome back Ms McCarthy hope you had a good time in the land down under

  2. niallleonard says:

    thanks for all youur kindness

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